Expanding personal communication worldwide

Global Communications  is an art.

Global  Net  Link  inc.  provides worldwide contact and communication between  individuals and corporations  in a friendly business environment via the internet.

Our mission is to expand contacts  and share  expertise among others who are  like  minded, exploring possibilities of trade and commerce both domestically and internationality.   These interests include but are not limited to: 

· Hospitality and Travel

· Import and Export  Trade

· Internet Communications and E-Commerce

· Medicine  and Bio-Engineering

· Maritime  Activities   Charter & Sales



Among our corporate officers and staff we have individuals and groups which have years of experience in following  areas of : medicine, engineering and construction, business entrepreneurship, hospitality and cruise ship travel service and operations, real estate marketing and seasonal resort rentals.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which enjoys a thriving , expanding , culturally diverse metropolitan community within a well known international tourist resort destination and home to one of the largest fleets of private yachts,  we believe our area serves as a gateway both to and from Central and South America , Europe and Canada, and other parts of the United States.

To accomplish these tasks we employ the use of  the communication portal of the WWW and our operational expertise in maintaining and supporting an extremely powerful and private social networking software engine to facilitate global outreach.  

To see two of our newest assets and see an example of our social networking software, please visit the sites Friends with Benefits Sites and Our Net Friends , which we are proud to present in the area of Hospitality and Travel.  

Thank you for visiting us and learning about GLOBAL NET LINK Inc.

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